Moon Bounties

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Crater MakerDefeat enemies with grenades on the Moon.[Grenade Kill] Grenade ability: 10XP
Illuminated OrbGenerate Orbs of Light on the Moon.Orbs of Light: 10XP
KnuckledusterDefeat enemies with melee abilities on the Moon.[Melee Kill] Melee ability: 25XP
Left WaningDefeat enemies with Void damage on the Moon.[Void Kill] Void damage: 25XP
Lunar RundownDefeat enemies with Submachine Guns on the Moon.[SMG] Submachine Gun: 30XP
Lunar StormDefeat enemies with Arc damage on the Moon.[Arc Kill] Arc damage: 25XP
Mag, Rack, Breach, RepeatDefeat enemies with Auto Rifles on the Moon.Auto Rifle Auto Rifle: 30XP
Moon Clip MethodDefeat enemies with Hand Cannons on the Moon.Hand Cannon Hand Cannon: 30XP
The Sun ActsDefeat enemies with Solar damage on the Moon.[Solar Kill] Solar damage: 25XP
Tidal LockRapidly defeat enemies with precision damage on the Moon.Rapidly defeated: 7XP