Kairos Function Greaves

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Kairos Function Greaves
Kairos function greaves icon1.jpg
Type Leg Armor
Class Titan
Rarity Legendary
Faction Mercury (Faction)
Description "If the Vex had achieved what we would call 'time travel,' surely none of us would now exist." —Sister Faora, "Theories on the Vex"
Mobility 10
Resilience 2
Recovery 10
Discipline 6
Intellect 6
Strength 12
How to Obtain
Mercury faction icon1.png Lighthouse Engram
Rewarded upon ranking up with Brother Vance.

Kairos Function Greaves is Legendary Leg Armor.





How to Obtain


  • The default shader for this armor piece appears to be identical to the Kairos Bronze shader.


Compartmentalization. Isolate the pieces of a network, so that 1) each subnet may operate independently, and 2) any harm that befalls one subnet will not necessarily befall the rest. The Vex learned this lesson well. Many subnets, many equations, all executing toward the same answer: convergence. They gambled that eventually, one of their subnets will achieve it. Speaking in purely mathematical terms, it's a very safe bet.

In that conceptual framework, you see how the Forest, "infinite" in so many ways, is still only a small fraction of the Vex's true capabilities. Imagine the decimal two-point-one repeating. Its precise value is incalculably infinite, and yet you know that beyond its irrational depths waits two-point-two. Two-point three. Two-point-four...


Kairos Function Greaves1.jpg

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