Alloy Magazine

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Alloy Magazine
Alloy magazine icon1.png
Type Magazines
Description Faster reloads when the magazine is empty.
Auto Rifles Hard Light, SUROS Throwback, Jiangshi AR1, Jiangshi AR4, Loquitor IV
Hand Cannons True Prophecy, Older Sister III, The Steady Hand, Home for the Lost
Pulse Rifles Vigilance Wing, Last Perdition, Triumph DX-PR, Bayesian MSU, Lincoln Green, Eternal Slumber, Infinite Paths 8, Nanty Narker
Scout Rifles Madrugada SR2, Manannan SR4, Tango-45, Frontier Justice
Sidearms Eleventh Hour, Controlling Vision
Submachine Guns MIDA Mini-Tool, Out of Options, Phosphorus MG4
Sniper Rifles Veleda-D, Widow's Bite, Eye of Foresight, Maxim XI, The Domino, Maestro-46

Alloy Magazine is a Magazine Perk.


Faster reloads when the magazine is empty.


Trigger Condition

Triggers on reload when the magazine is empty.



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