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An Opulent Chest.

Opulent Chests are unique locked chests found on the Derelict Leviathan.


An Opulent Chest can only be opened by its corresponding Opulent Key icon.jpg Opulent Key. When an Opulent Key is acquired, its inventory description will include a clue specifying a sector on the Leviathan (either Pleasure Gardens or Royal Pools), as well as a clue hinting at the chest's location within that area. Only one Opulent Key can be held at a time, so it is recommended to use it as soon as possible to continue receiving them as drops.

When the player has an Opulent Key in their inventory, entering a sector with a matching Opulent Chest will briefly display an "Opulent Key Held" buff in order to indicate this. Attempting to open an Opulent Chest that does not match the Opulent Key will display the message "Your Opulent Key does not fit this lock" when interacting with it.

Pleasure Gardens Chests

Among the ruins

This chest sits near some ruined pillars in a corner of the room. It can be found to the right when entering from the Royal Pools, or to the left when entering from the Castellum.

By fallen greatness

This chest sits in front of a massive golden statue of Calus's head. It sits on the opposite side of the room from the Royal Pools entrance.

Guarded by a loyal companion

This chest is on the ground next to the War Beast statue, to the left of the Egregore-covered Calus statue.

Royal Pools Chests

Among stately columns

Entering from the Castellum, this chest is to the right of the giant Calus statue. It is inside the covered area near the exit to the Pleasure Gardens. It sits against the wall, near four black-and-gold columns.

At the feet of greatness

This chest can be found to the immediate left of the giant Calus statue.

Where water used to fall

From the Castellum entrance, this chest can be found in the area to the left of the giant Calus statue. It sits at the bottom of a dried-up waterfall.


Opening an Opulent Chest rewards text-centerGlimmer, Vestige of Dread icon.jpg Vestiges of Dread, and an Opulent Weapons icon.png Opulent Weapons Focused Umbral Engram. The engram will immediately decrypt if the player's engram inventory is not full. It will contain one of four weapons, which are re-issued from the Season of Opulence. All of these weapons can drop with Deepsight Resonance and can be Shaped.

Austringer icon1.jpg Kinetic Austringer
Primary ammo Hand Cannon
Calus mini-tool icon1.jpg Solar CALUS Mini-Tool
Primary ammo Submachine Gun

Drang (baroque) icon1.jpg Solar Drang (Baroque)
Primary ammo Sidearm
Beloved icon1.jpg Solar Beloved
Special ammo Sniper Rifle


The following Crown of Sorrow upgrades can affect the rewards obtained from Opulent Chests:

  • text-center Opulent Deepsight: The first time you open an Opulent Chest each week, a Deepsight modded weapon is guaranteed.
  • text-center Umbral Energy Chests: Haunted Alcove Chests and Opulent Chests have a chance to reward Opulent Umbral Energy.