Basic Treasure Map

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Basic Treasure Map
Basic Treasure Map icon.jpg
Name Basic Treasure Map
Season 18
Type Treasure Map
Rarity Legendary
Description A map that will point you to the location of hidden treasures at the end of Expedition missions.

Basic Treasure Map is a Treasure Map from the Season of Plunder.


The Basic Treasure Map is unlocked by default when the player obtains the Captain's Atlas icon.jpg Captain's Atlas.


The Basic Treasure Map can be restored and socketed into the Captain's Atlas icon.jpg Captain's Atlas by spending 5 Map Fragments icon.jpg Map Fragments and 50 Treasure Coordinates icon.jpg Treasure Coordinates.

Digging up a treasure chest at the end of an Expedition will consume the map, rewarding 3 Plundered Umbral Energy icon.jpg Plundered Umbral Energy (4 with the Plunder Swashbuckler Upgrade icon.jpg Precise Cartography upgrade from the Star Chart) and an Expedition Gear item.