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Location New Pacific Arcology
Zone Titan
Playlists  ???
Expansion Curse of Osiris
Exclusivity PS4
Wormhaven is a PvP Map.


Wormhaven is a PvP Map that made its debut with the Curse of Osiris expansion. It is set in New Pacific Arcology on the planet Titan.

The map is exclusive to PlayStation 4, but it is expected for it to make its way to other platforms later on.

Basic Tips

  • The map comes with a lot of variety in engagement ranges. It is best to equip accordingly and bring a combination of weapons that allow you to fight from a distance, at medium range, and up close. Pulse and Auto Rifles will cover the medium to long ranges quite well, but make sure to prepare something for short-range engagement as well.
  • The map comes with a lot of vertical variety. Always be on the lookout for an opportunity to go above or below your enemy and flank them that way.
  • There are a lot of tight corridors in this map. If you get caught in one, try to back away and find another approach. Try to spend as little time in tight spaces as possible.
  • When fighting with enemies that have the higher ground or have taken control over narrow corridors, make sure to do so cautiously or have one of your teammates backing you up. Otherwise, you are almost certain to lose the engagement.

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