Snapshot Sights

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Snapshot Sights
Snapshot sights icon1.png
Type Traits
Description Faster time to aim down sights.
Auto Rifles The Doubt
Hand Cannons Finite Impactor
Pulse Rifles Relentless
Scout Rifles The Dream
Sidearms Interregnum XVI
Submachine Guns Furina-2MG
Fusion Rifles King Cobra-4FR (Linear), Tarantula (Linear), Timelines' Vertex, The Wizened Rebuke
Grenade Launchers The Day's Fury
Rocket Launchers Weaver-C, Morrigan-D, Hoosegow, Pit Launcher
Shotguns Baligant, A Sudden Death
Sniper Rifles Aachen-LR2, Alone as a god, Maxim XI
Snapshot Sights is a Weapon Perk.

Additional Information

  • The effects of Snapshot Sights on ADS speed stack with the effects of the Handling stat. A weapon with both high Handling and Snapshot Sights (such as The Doubt with Hitmark IS equipped as the sight) will let you aim down sights extremely quickly, especially if it's a Masterwork Weapon which boosts Handling.