Nessus Challenges (Quest)

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Nessus Challenges (Quest) is a Global Quest which is tracked as a Daily Milestone. Whenever it shows up as a day's Daily Quest, it can be completed once per character on that day.



  1. Nessus Challenges
  2. Nessus Challenges
    • Speak to Failsafe to collect your reward.

Completion Rewards


  • Though the most straightforward way to complete the quest is to complete Nessus Challenges, Strike Challenges will also count toward this Daily Quest if they are completed within The Inverted Spire or Exodus Crash, which are located on Nessus.
  • Completing all three Nessus Challenges in a day usually gives 10 Nessus Tokens. Thus, this Daily Quest effectively doubles token gains from completion of these challenges.

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