The Blind Well

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The Blind Well
The Blind Well banner.png
Location Dreaming City
Expansion Forsaken
Description Arcane Awoken technology with the power to split the seams between realities.

The Blind Well is a public arena added in Forsaken.


The Blind Well is located in the Font of Starlight sector of the Dreaming City. There is the main well in the center of the chamber and ancillary wells around it. The event is started by depositing a Charge of Light into the main well. The well can be charged at any time if the event is not active already, but there is a short cooldown after a run of the Blind Well has been completed.

Once any Charge, except for the Unstable, is deposited, all players in the zone receive the Touch of the Deep debuff, which continuously deals damage. Guardians become immune to this damage while under the effect of the Touch of the Sky or Harmony buffs. Touch of the Sky can be obtained by entering a dome surrounding any well. There are large domes covering the main well and the currently active ancillary well, and small domes at inactive wells, players gain Touch of the Sky from them if they get really close to the well's center. These domes offer no other protection to the players.

When a Charge is deposited, enemies begin to spawn in the area, players have to kill a certain amount of them to charge wells. The first well to charge is always the main one, then players move through the ancillary wells. Once in a while special Servant of the Plague enemies spawn. These are protected by immunity shields that can be taken down only by players with the Harmony buff. When Servants begin to spawn, so do the shiny Anathema enemies. Killed Anathemas drop Harmony orbs which allow the players to stay out of the domes and destroy Servants' shields. Defeated Servants also drop several Harmony orbs. Players cannot pick up these orbs if they already have the buff.

After four wells have been charged, the Herald of the Plague bosses spawn. They change weekly, and each of them is surrounded by a shield that can be destroyed only with Harmony. Anathemas keep spawning near the bosses. When players defeat all bosses in Tier III of the Blind Well, they have a short amount of time to deposit an Unstable Charge of Light into the main well to summon the Plague of the Well boss and turn the Blind Well Heroic.


Only three enemy races can be encountered in the Blind Well, they change weekly.

When the curse is at its weakest, players have to fight Scorn. Heralds of the Plague are Abominations, and the Plagues of the Well are a couple of Chieftains: Sikariis and Varkuuriis. They are covered by shields which can be destroyed by detonating Screebs.

When the curse is getting stronger, players are attacked by the Hive. Heralds of the Plague and the Plague of the Well, Cragur, are Ogres. Cragur is also covered by a shield, which can be destroyed by throwing relics at it. There are three groups of enemies in the room: two Wizards on the left, two Ogres on the right, and two Knights at the back. Defeating a group spawns three relics. It takes three ordinary relics or one charged relic to take down Cragur's shield. Relics can be charged by throwing them to another player who is looking at the thrower.

When the curse is at its strongest, the Blind Well is infested with Taken. Heralds of the Plague are Taken Minotaurs, and the Plague of the Well is Inomina, a Taken Servitor. It does not have a shield, but occasionally it tethers to a Blight and becomes immune, players have to destroy the Blight to be able to damage the boss.


There are four types of Charges of Light, they can be bought from Petra Venj or found randomly in the Dreaming City. The Charges determine the difficulty of the event:

  • Charge of Light-Tier I — launches Tier I Blind Well. Enemies are weaker and there is only one Herald of the Plague.
  • Charge of Light-Tier II — launches Tier II Blind Well. Enemies are stronger and there are two Heralds of the Plague.
  • Charge of Light-Tier III — launches Tier III Blind Well. Enemies are the strongest and there are three Heralds of the Plague.
  • Unstable Charge of Light — launches Heroic Blind Well. This Charge can be deposited only in a short period of time after Tier III has been successfully completed, and summons the Plague of the Well.


Completing the activity is guaranteed to reward 1-2 random Dreaming City weapon drops. Charge of Light consumables can also drop from the chest.


The following Dreaming City weapons can drop from this activity:

Tigerspite icon1.jpg Kinetic Tigerspite
Primary ammo Auto Rifle
Vouchsafe icon1.jpg Void Vouchsafe
Primary ammo Scout Rifle
Waking vigil icon1.jpg Arc Waking Vigil
Primary ammo Hand Cannon

Retold tale icon1.jpg Void Retold Tale
Special ammo Shotgun
Twilight oath icon1.jpg Solar Twilight Oath
Special ammo Sniper Rifle
Abide the return icon1.jpg Solar Abide the Return
Heavy ammo Sword

Sleepless icon1.jpg Arc Sleepless
Heavy ammo Rocket Launcher

Patch History

  • x.x.x.x
    • Added to the Game


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