Sect of Insight

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Sect of Insight
Sect of Insight icon.jpg
Name Sect of Insight
Season 13
Type Aeon Cult Mod
Rarity Exotic
Description You specialize in empowering your allies and keeping them well supplied.

Sect of Insight is an Aeon Cult Mod.


This mod is automatically acquired by obtaining either Aeon Safe, Aeon Soul or Aeon Swift, and can be used only on these three Exotics.


This mod does not take up any charges in the armor and socketing it does not cost any Glimmer. It provides two perks:

  • Sect of Insight icon.jpg Aeon's Inspiration — Successive precision weapon takedowns have a chance to drop an Orb of Power for your allies.
  • Sect of Insight icon.jpg Armsbearer Chant — When you use a finisher on an Elite, you generate Special ammo for your fireteam; when you use a finisher on a boss or miniboss, you generate Heavy ammo for your fireteam. Nearby Aeon cult allies who do not have the Sect of Insight role equipped also gain a bonus to weapon damage for a short time.

When the player equips an Aeon Exotic with this mod active, their armor emits a blue light.

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