Prodromus Down

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Prodromus Down
Location Nessus
Zone Arcadian Valley
Landing Zone No
Strikes Exodus Crash
Chests No
Material Nodes No
Patrol Beacons None
Region Chests None
Scannable Objects None
Connections Exodus Black (Sector)
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Prodromus Down is a usually inaccessible Sector in Arcadian Valley, Nessus. It can only be entered if the Exodus Crash Strike is active.

Points of Interest

  • Strike Insertion Point: Players will be dropped at the northern end of the Sector when beginning the Strike.
  • Side Cavern: In the northern portion of the Sector, there are two entrances to side caverns on the eastern side. These are optional to clear and are not a requirement for Strike completion.
  • Trench: This is a large exterior area that spans from the Cargo Storage Exit to the Side Cavern. It is best traversed with a Sparrow or one of the provided Pikes. It features some Vex or Fallen forces. Players should mind the bottomless abyss on the southwest end of the area.
  • Cargo Storage Entrance: Players will have to make their way south through the Trench to reach this entrance to a cargo storage area and the Transmitter Chamber.
  • Transmitter Chamber: This is a small Vex chamber, full of attacking Fallen. Players should expect various enemies, including Exploder Shanks and toughened Servitors.
  • Exit to Exodus Black: This is the only area that is not blocked for players under regular circumstances. It spans between the Exodus Black Sector and the rest of Prodromus Down. During the Strike Exodus Crash, this is the exit players have to take after completing the objectives in Prodromus Down.


  • The entire Strike will be littered with Fallen and/or Vex enemies to eliminate.