Legends Lost

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Legends Lost
Legends lost icon2.jpg
Season 2
Type Quest
Rarity Legendary
Steps 4
Vendors Brother Vance
Rewards Perfect Paradox, Legend of Saint-14

Legends Lost is a World Quest unlocked by acquiring the Lost Prophecy Another Verse.


This quest is divided into four steps.

Signal Light

Follow an ancient signal to its source.

Visit Brother Vance

Tell Brother Vance about the rift of Light you found in the Infinite Forest.

Not Even the Darkness

Use the following items to charge Lost Prophecy, Another Verse:

Once the Prophecy Tablet is charged, you may embark on the mission itself:
Enter the Infinite Forest in pursuit of Saint-14.

Visit the Lighthouse

Tell Brother Vance about the fate of Saint-14.

He will convert Lost Prophecy, Another Verse into Lost Prophecy, Another Verse Fulfilled, allowing you to forge Perfect Paradox at the Infinite Forge and add it to possible Lighthouse Engram rewards for all characters on the account.


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