Firebreak Field Armor Set

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Firebreak Field Armor Set
Firebreak field helmet icon1.jpg Firebreak field icon1.jpg Firebreak field gauntlets icon1.jpg Firebreak field leg armor icon1.jpg Mark of the fire icon1.jpg
Year 1
Type Leveling Armor
Class Titan
Rarity Uncommon
Helmet Firebreak Field (Helmet)
Chest Armor Firebreak Field (Chest Armor)
Gauntlets Firebreak Field (Gauntlets)
Leg Armor Firebreak Field (Leg Armor)
Class Item Mark of the Fire
Engrams Decoherent Engrams (Level 7-8)
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Firebreak Field Armor Set is an Uncommon Titan Armor Set.

Set Pieces

Armor Name Armor Type Mobility Resilience Recovery
Firebreak Field (Helmet) Helmet 1 0 0
Firebreak Field (Chest Armor) Chest Armor 1 0 0
Firebreak Field (Gauntlets) Gauntlets 1 0 0
Firebreak Field (Leg Armor) Leg Armor 1 0 0
Mark of the Fire Titan Mark 1 - -


The in-game details for Class Items, including Titan Marks, are incapable of displaying innate bonus stats granted by these items, but the defensive stat total on the loadout screen correctly takes into account the bonus Mobility from Mark of the Fire.


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