Way of a Thousand Cuts

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The Way of a Thousand Cuts is the middle ability tree for the Gunslinger crest.png Gunslinger subclass of Hunter crest2.png Hunter class. It has to be unlocked by purchasing either Forsaken or Shadowkeep expansions.


  • Knife trick icon1.png Knife Trick — Throw a fan of flaming knives that burn targets on hit. Melee ability.
  • The burning edge icon1.png The Burning Edge — While enemies burn, your dodge ability recharges faster.
  • Playing with fire icon1.png Playing With Fire — Destroying burning enemies recharges Knife Trick more quickly.
  • Blade barrage icon1.png Blade Barrage — Vault into the air and unleash a volley of Solar-charged explosive knives. Replaces the Golden Gun as subclass Super.

Exotic Synergy

  • Shards of galanor icon1.jpg Shards of Galanor — Hits and kills with Blade Barrage will return Super energy after the Super ends.