Touch of Malice Catalyst

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Touch of Malice Catalyst
Touch of Malice Catalyst icon.jpg
Name Touch of Malice Catalyst
Season 18
Type Catalyst
Rarity Exotic
Related Item Touch of Malice
Description Upgrades this weapon to a Masterwork. Once upgraded, the weapon will obtain enhanced capabilities, such as increased stats and/or additional perks.

Defeat targets using this weapon to unlock this upgrade.
Source Acquired within the Dreadnaught.

Touch of Malice Catalyst is the Catalyst of Touch of Malice. It gives Touch of Malice the Rapid Hit perk and Masterworks it.


  • Rapid hit icon1.png Rapid Hit - Rapid precision hits temporarily increase stability and reload speed.


After obtaining Touch of Malice, the catalyst can be obtained by performing a series of tasks in the King's Fall raid. Standing on a plate in certain encounters will spawn four orb relics throughout the area. Four players must pick up these relics and dunk them at a Hive statue in the area within a time limit. Shriekers will spawn to try to kill the orb carriers. This must be done in the Hall of Souls entrance encounter, in Golgoroth's Cellar, and in the Transept area between Golgoroth and the Daughters of Oryx. Doing this correctly will open a door in the Transept to a hidden room, where more relics must be dunked into a raised statue using nearby gravity lifts. If done within the time limit, all fireteam members that have obtained Touch of Malice will get the catalyst as a drop.[1]

The catalyst's upgrade is unlocked by defeating 700 enemies with Touch of Malice.


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