Rift Generator

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Rift Generator
Enemy Types Scorn,Taken
Bosses Ether Abomination, Taken Wizard, Vakarsik, Grasp of Quria
Objective Defend Generator Core
Heroic Trigger Defeat Taken Blights that spawn after defeating Abomination
Heroic Objective Disrupt the restoration ritual then deafeat Vakarsik, Grasp of Quria
Reward Rare Gear
Description The Rift Generator

Rift Generator is a Public Event


Dreaming City = The Strand

Heroic Trigger

Kill Ether Abominations and take orbs to Rift Generator

Taken Blight will spawn where enemies where coming from (3 in total)

Destroy them then Taken Wizards will spawn around the Rift generator

Kill Them

You will then be teleported to a taken version of the public event, more taken wizards and boss

Heroic Objective

Disrupt the restoration ritual then defeat Vakarsik, Grasp of Quria


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