Nightmare Bounties

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A Ward Against EvilA ward against evil icon1.pngDefeat enemies with Hand Cannons in Nightmare Hunts.Hand Cannon Hand Cannon: 20XPLectern of Enchantment
Bow HuntingBow hunting icon1.pngDefeat enemies with Bows in Nightmare Hunts.[Bow] Bow: 20XPLectern of Enchantment
PerforationPerforation icon1.pngDefeat enemies with Submachine Guns in Nightmare Hunts.[SMG] Submachine Gun: 20XPLectern of Enchantment
Precise HuntingPrecise hunting icon1.pngDefeat enemies with precision final blows in Nightmare Hunts.[Headshot] Precision: 25XPLectern of Enchantment
Scattered to the WindScattered to the wind icon1.pngDefeat enemies in Nightmare Hunts with Fusion Rifles.[Fusion Rifle] Fusion Rifle: 25XPLectern of Enchantment
Silver BulletsSilver bullets icon1.pngRapidly defeat enemies with precision final blows in groups of 2 or more in Nightmare Hunts.Rapidly defeated: 7XPLectern of Enchantment
Tracers in the DarkTracers in the dark icon1.pngDefeat enemies with Auto Rifles in Nightmare Hunts.Auto Rifle Auto Rifle: 20XPLectern of Enchantment

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