Code of the Commander

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The Code of the Commander is the middle ability tree for the Sentinel crest.png Sentinel subclass of Titan crest 2.png Titan class. It has to be unlocked by purchasing either Forsaken or Shadowkeep expansions.


  • Controlled demolition icon1.png Controlled Demolition — Hit a target with a Void ability to attach a Void detonator. Further hits cause the detonator to explode, dealing damage to surrounding targets.
  • Resupply icon1.png Resupply — You and nearby allies regain health as well as grenade and melee energy when your Void detonators explode.
  • Tactical strike icon1.png Tactical Strike — Strike an enemy with this melee ability to cause a Void explosion.
  • Banner shield icon1.png Banner Shield — Guard with Sentinel Shield to create a defensive wall. Allies who shoot through the wall have increased weapon damage, and guarding allies makes the shield last longer. Replaces Sentinel Shield as subclass Super.

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