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Yuna npc.png
Name Yuna
Title Mugunghwa Merchant
Race Human
Gender Female
Location The Tower Bazaar
Description Once lost in space, Yuna is eager to support Guardians through the Mugunghwa Legion.
Extra Available only on Destiny: Guardians.

Yuna is the Mugunghwa Merchant. She is a vendor exclusive to Destiny: Guardians.


Yuna can be found in the Tower's Bazaar, standing behind a table near Suraya Hawthorne's post.


She offers four Exotic items for free: a random weapon and a piece of armor for each class, and her stock changes weekly.

These items are temporary and can be obtained and used only if the player is an "IGR Benefactor". "IGR" stands for "Internet Game Room" and refers to the LAN gaming centers of South Korea. Yuna can be seen even if the game is launched outside of a gaming center, but the player will not be able to receive any items from her.

Exotics obtained from Yuna cannot be upgraded or infused and provide no materials when dismantled. She does not sell quest-specific Exotics. Getting an Exotic item from Yuna will not unlock it in the player's collection. All of the items she sells can be obtained through other means, and there are no Exotics exclusive to her or to Asian servers.

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