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How to Obtain Weapon Information From

If a weapon on this wiki is missing its stats or some perks, the best place to go to first for correct information is the database on To use it, simply click the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner of any page, type in the name of the weapon you want to see, and click on the desired result. This will bring up a page showing many of the weapon's important details.

Before you start putting down details right away, check the displayed Attack value of the weapon - it should be 200 for most Common and Uncommon weapons and 300 or 330 (or eventually 360 once the second expansion releases) for all other weapons. If it's not one of these values, especially if it displays 0 or 10 Attack instead, the database entry may not be accurate, so make sure to double-check the stats in-game before committing changes for these special cases.

Weapon Stats

Assuming that the database entry is trustworthy (i.e. has a sensible Attack value), you can then proceed to the Stats section, which gives numbers for Rounds Per Minute (or Charge Time for Fusion Rifles) and Magazine and partially-filled bars for the other stats. However, we want numbers, not bars, for the wiki, so a few additional steps are necessary for interpreting the bars.

  1. Capture an image of the Stats section of the weapon you need stats for. I (a Windows 10 user) used the Print Screen key to copy my screen to the clipboard.
  2. Get the image into an image editor. I opened Paint and paste the image I copied using Print Screen into the program.
  3. Use the editor's tools to determine the length in pixels of a full stat bar. On a computer with a 1280x1024 resolution monitor, I found that a full stat bar was 400 pixels long using Paint's rectangle-select tool (the length might be different on other resolutions).
  4. A full bar equates to a stat value of 100 (and an empty bar equates to a stat value of 0), so divide the number from Step 3 by 100 and keep the result in a convenient location for future reference. In my case, dividing 400 by 100 produced a quotient of 4.
  5. Use the editor's tools again, this time to determine the length in pixels of the filled (white) portion of a bar. Divide this length by the result of Step 4 to get the numerical value associated with the bar (rounding to the nearest whole number as needed).
  6. Repeat Step 5 for every bar that you need to convert into a number.

Weapon Perks

The Mods section gives both Weapon Perks and Weapon Mods for the current weapon. For weapon pages, we are only interested in Weapon Perks. Within this section, all perks between two horizontal lines are (mutually-exclusive) options for a particular slot (for most weapons, these slots are, from top to bottom, Intrinsic, Sight/Barrel, Magazine/Battery, Trait, and Stock/Grip; however, most Leviathan and Trials of the Nine weapons replace a non-Trait slot with a second Trait slot).

Once you know what perks a weapon has for each slot, you should insert the templates associated with the perks into the appropriate sections of the weapon's wiki page (if they are not already present). For most perks, this is as easy as typing the perk's name, then surrounding the name with two sets of braces ( "{}" symbols). For cases in which multiple perks use the same in-game name, use the Search box on the wiki to figure out what you should put within the braces.


I hope that you have learned something from this mini-guide and are able to apply what you learned to your future contributions to the weapon pages on this wiki.

QuaestComm (talk) 03:50, 26 January 2018 (UTC)

P.S.: Obtaining weapon stats from in-game stat displays requires a similar process to obtaining weapon stats from database pages. However, the size of a full bar in-game is different from the size of a full bar in the database, so you will need to obtain a different factor for converting bar lengths into numerical values. As well, while the database displays the base stats of weapons (which are what we want for the wiki), the in-game stat display shows the final weapon stats (base weapon stats plus all stat modifications from Weapon Perks), so you will need to "undo" the effects of Weapon Perks in order to obtain the correct base weapon stats.

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