Mihaylova's Triumph

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Mihaylova's Triumph
Mihaylovas triumph icon1.jpg
Type Helmet
Class Warlock
Rarity Legendary
Description "Think. And keep thinking. Stay seven thoughts ahead, always."
Bright Engrams.

Mihaylova's Triumph is a Legendary Helmet.


How to Obtain



Mihaylova Supplemental Navigator's Journal-Encrypted Supplemental- Path to Ares: 20 days to Launch

The situation with E becomes increasingly tenuous. She insists she needs access to all the AI code for her gravity well measurements, which I find highly unlikely. It's simply not necessary and I've given her all the subroutine code that she could possibly need.

But she wants it all. It's absurd. What would she make of the R subsystems if she saw them?

R. That's what I've code-named the deepest core of the experimental AI at the heart of the new ship. And he's doing very well, now writing his own code. Off-the-charts well.

Would E even understand? Likely she'd go running to Hardy, show him some of the odder items where R has written some of his own code and seems to be-how can I put it? -passing judgment on us, like a little hidden critic. No. The AI must be protected so that he can function best in the limited way we need.

Not sure how to keep her away, but giving her access could be catastrophic.


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