In Your Sights

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In Your Sights
In your sights icon1.jpg
Season 7
Type Quest Step
Rarity Legendary
Steps 2
Vendors Lord Shaxx
Rewards Revoker

In Your Sights is a Legendary Quest.

1. In Your Sights


Defeat Guardians in the Crucible with Sniper Rifles and earn Glory.

Quest progress is account-wide.

"It's one thing to run in, guns blazing, and mow down your enemies. It's another skill entirely to slow down, take your time, and make the perfect shot." —Lord Shaxx


  • Sniper Rifle precision final blows: 50
  • Sniper Rifle final blows: 300
  • Glory earned: 3500

2. In Your Sights


Return to Lord Shaxx.

"Well done, Guardian. Our enemies don't stand a chance against your steady hand." —Lord Shaxx


Lord Shaxx visited: 1


Revoker icon1.jpg Kinetic Revoker
Special ammo Sniper Rifle