Grave Robber

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Grave Robber
Grave robber icon1.png
Type Traits
Description Melee kills reload a portion of this weapon's magazine.
Auto Rifles Solemn Hymn
Hand Cannons A Cold Sweat, Living Memory
Sidearms Athelflad-D, Timecard, Eulogy SI4
Submachine Guns Harmony-21, Foggy Notion, Royal Dispensation II, Escape Velocity, Radiant Stardust, Sol Pariah 6
Grave Robber is a Weapon Perk.

Additional Information

  • Dealing the killing blow to an enemy using a class melee attack or melee ability while holding a weapon with Grave Robber fully reloads the weapon's magazine.
    • For Primary-ammo weapons, ammo is granted directly to the magazine.
    • For Special- and Heavy-ammo weapons, ammo is transferred from reserves.