Gambit Bounties

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Rare Gambit Bounties

Big BankerBig banker icon1.jpgBank Motes in Gambit.Motes banked: 150Legendary Gear
100 Infamy Rank Points
Careful CollectorCareful collector icon1.jpgDeposit three times as many Motes as you lose in a Gambit match. You must deposit at least 36 Motes.Matches completed: 3Legendary Gear
100 Infamy Rank Points
First to the FightFirst to the fight icon1.jpgBe the first to summon a Primeval in a round of Gambit.Primevals summoned: 7Legendary Gear
100 Infamy Rank Points
Kill the MoodKill the mood icon1.jpgAs a fireteam, deny Motes from enemy Guardians.Motes denied: 100Legendary Gear
100 Infamy Rank Points

Basic Gambit Bounties

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