Eververse IGR Bounties

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A Guardian's DutyDefeat the enemies of humanity all over the system.Enemies defeated: 1502 Bright DustYuna
Chest ThumpingLoot enemy supply caches anywhere in the system.Chests looted: 202 Bright DustYuna
High and MightyDefeat high-value targets all over the system.High-value targets defeated: 32 Bright DustYuna
I'm Not Sorry, I'm LostEnter and complete Lost Sectors all over the system.Lost Sectors completed: 52 Bright DustYuna
Stirring Up the HiveEngage and defeat challenging Hive enemies.Hive minibosses defeated: 102 Bright DustYuna
The Hero We NeedJoin and complete Heroic public events all over the system.Heroic public events: 32 Bright DustYuna
Through the CrucibleCompete in the Crucible. Wins count more toward this bounty's progress.Matches completed: 52 Bright DustYuna

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