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Name Energized
Type Leg Armor Mod
Rarity Legendary
Description While on the Leviathan, using Energy Weapons to defeat normal enemies will boost your Energy Weapon damage by 15% for a short time.
Source Permanent Armor Mod option for Raid Leg Armor

Energized is an Armor Mod which can only appear on armor pieces obtained from Raids.

How to Obtain

Used For

  • +5 Defense
  • +15% Energy Weapon damage for a short time after killing an enemy on the Leviathan with an Energy Weapon


  • In PvE, Energy Weapon DPS is normally 90% of Kinetic Weapon DPS. While Energized is active, Energy Weapon DPS is increased to 103.5% of Kinetic Weapon DPS, nullifying the usual DPS disadvantage.