Blessing of Order

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Blessing of Order
Blessing of order icon1.png
Season 14
Item Type Armor Perk
Type Intrinsic
Rarity Exotic
Exotic Perk Yes
Exotic Item Boots of the Assembler
Description Standing in a healing rift creates Noble Seekers that seek out allies that are not in a rift and heal them. Standing in an empowering rift creates Noble Seekers that grant both you and your ally a damage bonus. Each time a Noble Seeker finds one of your allies, the duration of your rift is briefly extended while you are standing in it.

Blessing of Order is a Exotic Intrinsic Armor Perk.

While you are inside a rift, you create a Noble Seeker for each fireteam member, including yourself (6s cooldown). A seeker lasts 10s, and will home in on a nearby fireteam member. Upon expiration or close proximity to the target, the seeker explodes and grants effects to allies struck; after 3s, it spawns a remnant in its place. Noble Seeker will not target the caster, and will not target nor affect an ally inside of a rift. Absorbing a Noble Seeker grants you an effect based on the rift it came from:

  • BLESSING OF THE SKY: Gain 35% increased weapon damage (20% against guardians).

If a seeker reaches its target, you gain EXTENDED RIFT for 5s, stacking up to 10s.

  • EXTENDED RIFT: The rift's expiration timer is paused while this effect is active. This effect is lost upon exiting the rift.


  • A fireteam member must be in the instance to be accounted for Noble Seeker generation.
  • Noble Seeker can be absorbed by non-fireteam members.
  • Among the seekers generated, one of them will not target anyone, and will expire quickly. This is designed to facilitate synergy with Noble rounds icon1.png Noble Rounds.
  • Arc soul icon1.png Arc Soul aura can be extended up to 20s.