Vehicle Perks

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Types of Vehicle Perks

Each Sparrow has 1-2 vehicle perks based on its rarity (Ships do not have any vehicle perks):

  1. Sparrow Engine - These perks determine the speed stat of the Sparrow, controlling how fast it can fly.
  2. Sparrow Mod - Perks of this type improve various aspects of the Sparrow-riding experience. Only Rare, Legendary and Exotic Sparrows can have Sparrow Mods.

All Vehicle Perks

Air ControlAir control icon1.pngSparrow ModIncreased agility while airborne.
Custom DriveCustom drive icon1.pngSparrow EngineAn expertly tuned NLS drive, providing the best possible performance.
Standard DriveStandard drive icon1.pngSparrow EngineA baseline NLS drive. No modifications.
Tuned DriveTuned drive icon1.pngSparrow EngineAn improved propulsion unit that has received some specialist tuning.