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"Attacks matching the periodically rotating focused element do more damage. Other elemental damage is reduced. Incoming damage is unaffected." -- In-game description

Prism is a Gameplay Modifier for Nightfall Strikes and Heroic Adventures.

While Prism is in effect, all non-Kinetic damage dealt by the fireteam is either augmented (if its element matches the currently-selected element) or reduced (if its element does not match the currently-selected element). This damage modification does not apply to damage taken by the fireteam, whether from enemies, hazards, or self-inflicted accidents (e.g. getting caught in the explosion of a rocket fired by one's own Rocket Launcher).

Patch History

    • Fixed an issue where the Prism modifier did not persistently display the currently featured element
      • Prism will now display a brief screen effect when the element changes to increase visibility
      • This will also resolve an issue[2] impacting the Momentum modifier


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