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Arrow Perks are Weapon Perks exclusive to Combat Bows. Arrow Perks appear in weapon slot 2 and provide Accuracy, Stability, and Inventory Size.

Perk List

Arrow Perk Accuracy Stability Handling Reload Speed
Carbon Arrow Shaft 10
Compact Arrow Shaft 10 10
Fiberglass Arrow Shaft 15 -5
Helical Fletching 5 5
Natural Fletching -5 15
Straight Fletching 10
  • Carbon Arrow Shaft icon.png Carbon Arrow Shaft - Light and stable shaft material.
    • Increases stability
  • Compact Arrow Shaft icon.png Compact Arrow Shaft — Thinner arrows to increase nocking speed and weapon handling.
    • Increases handling speed
    • Increases reload speed
  • Fiberglass Arrow Shaft icon.png Fiberglass Arrow Shaft — Heavy and consistent.
    • Greatly increases accuracy
    • Slightly decreases stability
  • Helical Fletching icon.png Helical Fletching — Aerodynamic and light.
    • Slightly increases accuracy
    • Slightly increases stability
  • Natural Fletching icon.png Natural Fletching — Feather-light with good control.
    • Slightly decreases accuracy
    • Greatly increases stability
  • Straight Fletching icon.png Straight Fletching — Modern fletching for straight paths.
    • Increases accuracy

Unique Arrow Perks

- Only appears on Wish-Ender