Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle

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Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle
Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle icon.png
Name Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle
Season 12
Type Arms Armor Mod
Cost 1
Rarity Legendary
Description Pulse Rifles you are wielding fire shield-piercing rounds and stun [Shield-Piercing] Barrier Champions.

Pulse Rifles deal bonus damage against [Shield-Piercing] Barrier Champions.
Source Fang of Xivu Arath Artifact
Nightmare Harvester Artifact

Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle is a Seasonal Mod.


Unlocked on tier 1 of the Fang of Xivu Arath and Nightmare Harvester Seasonal Artifacts.


  • Grants weapon shield-piercing to any Pulse Rifle, bypassing combatant defenses. Strong against text-center Barrier Champions.
  • Pulse Rifles gain a bonus to damage against text-center Barrier Champions.