Way of the Warrior

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The Way of the Warrior is the top ability tree for the Arcstrider crest.png Arcstrider subclass of Hunter crest2.png Hunter class.


  • Combination blow icon1.png Combination Blow — Kill an enemy with this melee ability to trigger health regeneration and increase your melee damage temporarily.
  • Combat flow icon1.png Combat Flow — Melee kills recharge your Dodge ability.
  • Deadly reach icon1.png Deadly Reach — Dodging increases your melee range, allowing you to lunge further to strike enemies.
  • Lethal current icon1.png Lethal Current — After dodging, each Arc Staff hit creates a damaging lightning aftershock.

Exotic Synergy

  • Raiden flux icon1.jpg Raiden Flux — Chained Arc Staff hits buff damage and duration.