Season 8 Sparrows

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Blast ChariotBlast chariot icon1.jpgExotic"I watched this baby rip a trench into the ground out in the flats. Maybe tune it down a bit." —Amanda Holliday
Blood RunnerBlood runner icon1.jpgExoticRemember the lost. Repay the debt.
Brumeswept NightBrumeswept night icon1.jpgExoticBy the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.
Four Degrees of SeparationFour degrees of separation icon1.jpgExoticWiden the gap between you and everything else.
Golden PrideGolden pride icon1.jpgExoticEnforce your territory.
Invasive SpeciesInvasive species icon1.jpgExoticPrune the gardens of your mind until only truth remains.
JotuneerJotuneer icon1.jpgExoticFaster than the stride of giants.
Magneton TrustMagneton trust icon1.jpgExoticLiving on a prayer… and the laws of magnetism.
Moonrider OneMoonrider one icon1.jpgLegendaryA Moonrider-class Sparrow designed for lunar terrain.
The NecrobeastThe necrobeast icon1.jpgExoticBad to the bone.
The Regal HowlThe regal howl icon1.jpgExoticA sound they'll never forget.

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