SV-112 Predator

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SV-112 Predator
Sv-112 predator icon1.jpg
Type Sparrow
Rarity Exotic
Description And watch out-it's hungry.
Bright Engrams.

SV-112 Predator is a Sparrow.

SV-112 Predator1.jpg

How to Obtain

Can be obtained from an Bright Engram (During Season 2)


Comms Transmission

1: Manse-5, what's your status? 2: Three Pikes on my tail coming into the Gulch. No biggie. 1: Roger that. How's the new Sparrow handling? Heard Amanda's been tinkering with it herself. 2: Hold that thought. [crackle] [hum of thrusters] [snapping branches] 1: Come in, Manse! 2: Engine's got a bit of a kick there! Pulling up sharp on the curve and-[roar] Boosting! 1: We're near the Firebase, but we can head back. 2: Woohoo-[explosion] 1: Manse! 2: Did a little barrel roll there! Got two Pikes... Uh-oh. Cabal. 1: It's no big deal to come back for you. 2: Big ship. Big. Heading right for it. 1: Uh, go around it. 2: [sustained thrumming] 1: Manse. 2: [thrumming] [explosion] 1: Manse! 2: No more baddies! Just wheeeeling into the bend now. 1: Can you not do that again, please? 2: Buying Amanda a drink tonight!

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