REAPER: Reaping for the Vanguard

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REAPER: Reaping for the Vanguard
Reaper reaping for the vanguard icon1.jpg
Season 1
Type Prime "Civic Duty" Bounty
Rarity Legendary
Description Reaper bounty. Defeat multiple enemies without dying during Vanguard strikes.
Quote "Lookin' for a confident striker. Not a Titan exactly, though I wouldn't say no to one. Show me how good you are, and maybe I'll have a job for you someday." —The Drifter
Objectives Enemies defeated: 30
Rewards Reaper Synth, 50 Infamy Rank Points
Vendors The Drifter
REAPER: Reaping for the Vanguard is a Prime "Civic Duty" Bounty.


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