Honed Edge (Izanagi)

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Honed Edge
Honed Edge (Izanagi) icon.png
Type Intrinsic
Exotic Perk Yes
Exotic Weapon Izanagi's Burden
Description Holding reload consumes the magazine and loads a round with additional range and damage.

Honed Edge is an Exotic Intrinsic Weapon Perk.

Holding [Reload] for 1s will reload the magazine, consuming up to 4 rounds from the magazine and reserves while granting a stack for every round. The magazine is then refilled with 1 empowered round that deals 200% / 280% / 499% damage, increased at every stack beyond the first. Honed Edge is lost upon firing the empowered round.

The reload speed is not affected by the weapon's reload stat or reload speed increases.


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