A Nova One Bites the Dust

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A Nova One Bites the Dust
A nova one bites the dust icon1.png
Season 7
Event Solstice of Heroes
Type Daily Bounty
Description As a Void subclass, collect Captured Void Energy from defeated Hive combatants.
Quote "Ikora said she needed a Void Guardian to handle a 'Hive problem.' Does that make you all the best at sword logic? No one's been able to explain sword logic to me in a way that's satisfying. For example, Shaxx fears me, but not because I'm stronger than him. How does sword logic account for that?" —Eva Levante
Objectives Resources collected: 25
Rewards 5 Solstice Key Fragment
Vendors Eva Levante
A Nova One Bites the Dust is a Daily Bounty.


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