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“The one about Solstice bounties.”
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Type Hotfix
Version ID
Released August 20, 2020
External Link Hotfix[1]
Version History
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All Versions

Gameplay and Investment

Solstice of Heroes
  • Fixed an issue where Bright Dust was not being rewarded from Solstice of Heroes weekly and repeatable bounties.
  • Fixed an issue where the Solstice of Heroes weekly challenge was not granting players a Powerful reward.

Means to an end

  • Fixed an issue where the challenge to complete “Means to an End” could be accidentally removed from player’s inventory independent of the weekly reset.
  • All players will need to reacquire the pursuit after the reset. 


  1. "Destiny 2 Hotfix" Bungie, posted by Destiny Dev Team, 20 Aug. 2020,