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“The one about Weekly Bounties”
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Type Hotfix
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Released March 12, 2019
External Link Hotfix[1]
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  • Fixed an issue where weekly bounties were resetting on Sundays instead of the weekly reset on Tuesdays
  • Fixed an issue where the Triumph “The Best Offense,” which awards Oxygen SR3, wasn't counting the correct number of Orbs of Light generated in strike activities
  • Updated Season 6 information page to properly show Power Surge bounty requirements


  • Fixed an issue where the pursuits for Malfeasance and Breakneck were not progressing as expected in Gambit and Gambit Prime
  • Fixed an issue where various Gambit quests and Bounties were not progressing properly
  • Fixed an issue where Gambit activities may mistakenly report that players’ motes are lost when they defeat an enemy invader
  • Fixed an issue where the “Well Well Well” Medal in Gambit activities would not have a name when it appeared on screen
  • Removed Taken Hobgoblin Primeval from Gambit Prime to prevent an issue where early despawning would cause matches to not end correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Blockers were not spawning on Kell’s Grave and Cathedral of Scars
  • Fixed an issue where Taken Ogres were spawning in the wrong location and getting stuck
  • Fixed an issue where the “Deceived Likeness of Nokris” boss was taking more damage than intended in Gambit Prime
  • Fixed an issue where the “Umbral Strike” perk on the Sentry set would sometimes not properly increase damage against Taken enemies


  • Weekly Gambit Prime bounty completions now unlock Helmet drops for all roles in lower Tiers of Reckoning
  • For example: Completing two Reaper weekly bounties will allow Helmets for Collector, Sentry and Invader to drop from Reckoning Tier 1 encounters
  • Completing three Reaper weekly bounties will allow Helmets for Collector, Sentry, and Invader to drop from Reckoning Tier 2 encounters
  • Tier 3 Helmets for all Roles still require a Weekly Gambit Prime bounty completion in Tier 3
  • Due to an error on our part, Prism will be absent from the Reckoning modifier rotation temporarily
  • We will be restoring Prism and removing Glass from the rotation in the next update


  • Fixed an issue where having One Thousand Voices in your loadout increased PvE damage for other weapons and abilities


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