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  1. This is a title blacklist. Titles and users that match a regular expression here cannot be created.
  2. Use "#" for comments.
  3. This is case insensitive by default
.*System \d
.*system \d
.*Weight Loss.*
.*Writing Service.*
.*Editing Service.*
.*Garden Sprayer.*
.*Solvent Sprayer.*
.*Emulsion Sprayer.*
.*Backpack Sprayer.*
.*Electrospray Coating.*
.*Electric Sprayer.*
.*Spectrum Sprayer.*
.*Spray Gun.*
.*Static Spray.*
.*EMist Innovations.*
.*Electromagnetic Sprayer.*
.*Spray Tech.*
.*Disinfectant Sprayer.*
.*Chlorox 360 Sprayer.*
.*Powered Sprayer.*
.*Tax Law.*
.*Tax Duties.*
.*International Tax.*
.*Nonresident Alien.*
.*Tax Advice.*
.*Foreign Trust.*
.*Bank Account.*
.*Foreign Asset.*
.*Foreign Investment.*
.*Consulting Service.*
.*Form 114.*
.*Form 8938.*
.*Foreign Account.*
.*Irs Ovdp.*
.*Domestic Trust.*
.*Tax Compliance.*
.*Voluntary Disclosure.*
.*Foreign Real Estate.*
.*Rental Income.*
.*Spray Foam.*
.*Property Investing.*
.*Tax Consultant.*
.*Consultant Job.*
.*New York.*
.*How To Handle Every Victory Innovations Challenge With Ease Using These Tips.*