Taken Blight Public Event

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Taken Blight Public Event
EDZ The Sludge
Titan None
Nessus None
Io Lost Oasis, Giant's Scar
Enemy Types Taken
Bosses Blight
Objective Kill enough Taken to destroy the Blight.
Heroic Trigger Deal enough damage to the main Blight directly, instead of by killing its minions.
Heroic Objective Destroy the Blightmaker.
Description "Kill infected Taken to damage the Blight"

Taken Blight is a Public Event.

Heroic Trigger

As event spawns, there is one main blight which spawns smaller dome blights to its side. If you step in and out of the smaller blights, you receive a buff called blight receding. This allows you to damage main blight, which would otherwise be immune. Deal enough damage to main blight!

Heroic Objective

Spawns a Blightmaker boss you need to destroy.


2k XP, Exotic Engram (VERY Low Chance) Legendary Engram (Low Chance) Rare Engram(s) (Chance) 1 Io/EDZ Token

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