Injection Rig Public Event

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Injection Rig Public Event
Injection Rig public event banner.jpg
EDZ The Gulch, Sunken Isles
Nessus The Cistern
Enemy Types Cabal
Objective Kill Infiltrator Valus before time runs out.
Heroic Trigger Destroy three vents, one on each level of the rig, during the "Evacuate!" phases.
Heroic Objective Kill Valus Centurion before time runs out.
Description "An undeniable display of Red Legion military force"

Injection Rig is a Public Event.

Heroic Trigger

There are 3 orange-yellow glowing vents on the rig, they all open each time an Infiltrator Psion is defeated and the "Evacuate!" phase begins. Destroy all three to trigger the Heroic event.

Heroic Objective


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