Ether Resupply Public Event

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Ether Resupply Public Event
EDZ Outskirts, Firebase Hades
Titan None
Nessus Watcher's Grave, Exodus Black
Io None
Enemy Types Fallen
Bosses Servitor
Objective Destroy the Boss Servitor before time runs out.
Heroic Trigger Destroying the three waves of Transport Servitors before they despawn or shield the Boss Servitor.
Heroic Objective Destroy the Boss Servitor before time runs out.
Description "Destroy the Servitor Prime clone"

Ether Resupply is a Public Event.

Heroic Trigger

Damage the large servitor until it spawns smaller servitors which put a shield on the boss. Destroy 3 waves of these smaller Servitors, called Transport Servitors. They are only around for 20 to 30 seconds so you need to destroy them within that time.

You will get a debuff a few seconds before Servitor teleports you. If it reads Servitor's Grasp then you will be phased to some random spot around the battle. If it reads Servitor's Fall then you will find yourself in the planet's ozone layer, where you can either A) float gracefully to the ground or B) realize you're all out of special jump juice and rethink your life choices moments before you shatter every bone in your body.

Heroic Objective

Giant Servitor becomes significantly stronger.


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