Devrim Kay (Mission)

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Devrim Kay (Mission)
Spark part 21.jpg
Type Story Mission
Number 4
Location EDZ
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Spark
Previous Spark
Next Combustion
Equipment EDZ Shell
See also: Devrim Kay

Devrim Kay (Mission) is a Story Mission. After completion of the previous mission, Spark, this mission becomes available to complete after the player has talked to Suraya Hawthorne.


At the start of the mission, your task is to locate Devrim Kay in a nearby church in the European Dead Zone, which must first be traveled to using the Director. Once you arrive, it's as simple as walking up to him. He will give you an EDZ Shell for Ghost.

This will complete the mission and you will now have to start the Adventure A New Frontier, a tutorial adventure which introduces the player to several of the mechanics of the open-world areas of Destiny 2, to progress the story.


EDZ Shell

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